Invited Talks

  1. Inferring physical parameters in turbulence: from nudging to machine learningWor. kshop on "Big data, data assimilation, and uncertainty quantification" Institut Henri Poincare, Paris France 2019.
  2. Modelli per classificare, ricostruire e sfruttare dati geofisici in presenza di flussi complessi. La genesei dei modelli, teoria simulazioni e dati. Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Roma Italy 2019.
  3. Inverse, direct and flux-loop cascades in rotating turbulence. Conference "Universal features of hydrodynamical, optical and wave turbulence" Nice, France 2019
  4. Optimal navigation in turbulent flows. CECAM Workshop Active Matter and Artificial Intelligence. Lausanne, Switzerland 2019
  5. Smart Lagrangian Control of Turbulence: Reinforcement Learning and Nudging applied to complex flows. School on Computational Mathematical Modeling. Geilo, Norway 2019
  6. Nudging, Hybrid Monte Carlo, Smart Particles: new tools for old turbulent problems. Workshop on 'Perspectives in Turbulence'. Texas A & M University, USA 2018
  7. Learning from Smart Lagrangian particles in turbulent flows: one-way and two-way coupling (a journey in Mare Incognitum). Colloquium Cornell University, USA 2018
  8. On the direct and inverse energy transfer in rotating turbulence. Conference on 'Kinetic and Related Models in the Natural Sciences'. Madison University, USA 2018
  9. Direct and inverse ebergy cascades in turbulence HOHAI University Nanjing, China 2018
  10. Lagrangian and Eulerian Turbulence NUAA, Nanjing China 2018
  11. Flow navigation by smart particles cia Reinforcement Learning. Shanghai Jao Tong University, China 2018
  12. Turbulence at high and low rotation rates. Shanghai Jao Tong University, China 2018
  13. On the effects of helicity in turbulent flows HOHAI University Nanjing, China 2018
  14. Energy Transfer and energy dissipation in turbulent flows. University of Xiamen, China 2018
  15. Cascades in turbulent flows. COST Conference 'Flowing Matter" Lisbon, Portugal 2018
  16. Flow navigation by smart particles via Reinforcement Learning. PIML2018, Santa Fe, USA 2018.
  17. Lagrangian power statistics and irreversibility in turbulence. Workshop on 'Geometrical and Stastical Fluid Mechanics" Simons Center, Stoony Brook, USA 2017
  18. Energy transfer and energy dissipation in turbulent flows. Colloquio Generale della Classe di Scienze, Scuola Normale di Pisa, Italia 2017.
  19. Anomalous scaling in turbulence with direct and/or inverse energy cascades Ginzburg Centennial Conference, Lebedev Institute Moscow Russia 2017
  20. Turbulent    energy    cascades    in  hydrodynamics  and  magnetohydrodynamics. TDM Workshop IPAM Los Angeles, USA 2017.
  21. Extreme Events in Turbulent Rotating Flows: Lagrangian and Eulerian Statistics. UWI, Trinidad 2017.
  22. Complex particles in turbulent flows. Cecam Workshop on Nonequilibrium statistial mechanics, Rome, Italy 2016.
  23. Complex particles in complex flow & Turbulence under dynamical mode reduction. Summer School on Complex Fluids, Twente The Netherlands 2016.
  24. Extreme events in Turbulence and Burgerslence. Workshop on Instantons and extremen events in Turbulence and Dynamical Systems. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 2015.
  25. Convection in complex flows and with complex boundary conditions. International Conference on Rayleigh Benard convection, RBC2015 Gottingen, Germany 2015
  26. Turbulent cascade under Fourier mode reductions. Turbulence cascades, Lille, France 2015.
  27. Computational Issues in Theretical Fluid Mechanics XII Seminar on Software for Nuclear, Subnuclear and Applied Physics. Alghero. Italy 2015.
  28. An experimental study of turbulence on Fractal Fourier Spaces. WPI Institute Basic issues of extreme events in turbulence. Vienna, Austria, 2015.
  29. Una visita guidata attraverso la turbolenza in 3D, 2D e in dimensioni intermedie. Colloquio, University of Roma Tre, Rome, Italy 2015.
  30. Panta rei (Everything flows). Eindhoven Multiscale Institute Colloquium, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 2015.
  31. Direct and Inverse Energy cascades in 2D and 3D turbulence, Turbulence in the sky as on the earth. IIP,  Natal, Brasil 2014.
  32. On the direct and inverse energy transfer in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional turbulent flows. Strolling on Chaos, Turbulence and Statistical Mechanics. Rome, Italy 2014.
  33. Deformation statistics of small ellipsoidal drops in isotropic turbulence, "Vortical structures and wall turbulence. Paolo Orlandi: A vortical and turbulent life"  Rome, Italy 2014.
  34. Turbulence in 2 and 3 dimensions. ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 2014.
  35. A guided tour across turbulence. ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, 2014.
  36. On the direct and inverse energy transfer in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional turbulent flows, NORDITA Colloquium, Stokholm, Sweden 2014.
  37. Fully developed turbulence. Colloquim Physics Department 'Chalmers University" Gothenburg, Sweden 2014.
  38. Particles and Fields in out-of-equiibrium 2d an 3d Flows. 'Five computational pieces and a do: getting ready to celebrate Giovanni Ciccotti's 70th birthday', Rome, Italy 2013.
  39. Non-local interactions in 2d and 3d Turbulence. Workshop 'Non-locality in Turbulence' WPI Vienna, Austria 2013.
  40. Turbulent dispersion from point sources. Workshop on "Turbulence and amorphous systems" Eil At, Israel  2013.
  41. Lattice Boltzmann Methods for complex flows. School on "Mathematical Approaches to Complex  Fluids" Isaac Newton Institute Cambridge, UK 2013.
  42. Droplets and bubbles in turbulent flows "Particles in Turbulence". COST Action  MP0806, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 2013.
  43. Chaos and Turbulence "Outreach event" organized by KITPC Beijing, China 2012. (movie)
  44. Turbulent dispersion from point source: correction to Richardson PDF. Workshop on "Mathematics of Particles and Flows" WPI Vienna, Austria 2012.
  45. Boiling convection "Particles in Turbulence" COST Workshop, Leiden, The Netherlands 2012.
  46. The multifractal approach to Lagrangian and Eulerian statistics: successes and pitfalls. Workshop on "Euler - Lagrange" WPI Vienna, Austria, 2012.
  47. Rayleigh-Taylor in stratified Flows, KITP program on Turbulence, USA 2011.
  48. Energy-Helicity dynamics in 3D turbulence. “Defining Guidelines for Future Extreme Simulations of 3D Fluid and MHD Turbulence"  Bangalore, India 2011.
  49. Inverse energy cascades in 3D turbulence. “The solar course, the chemical force, and the speeding change of water” Nordita Stockolm, Sweden  2011.
  50. Droplets and Bubbles in Turbulence. DSFD 2011. Fargo, USA 2011.
  51. Turbulent pair dispersion of inertial particles. Particles in turbulence 2011. International Conference on Fundamentals, Experiments, Numeric and Applications 16-18 March 2011, Potsdam, Germany 2011.
  52. Rayleigh Taylor turbulence for stratified and unstratified flows. Turbulence and Mixing,  Eilat,  Israel 2010.
  53. Basic of turbulence. International School on 'Fluctuations and Turbulence in the microphysics and dynamics of clouds'. Porquerolles, France 2010.
  54. Lattice Boltzmann Models for Microfluidic. Rencontres Niçoises de Mécanique des Fluides, University of Nice, France  2010.
  55. Eulerian and Lagrangian Multifractals for Turbulence. Turbulence Mixing an Beyond II. Trieste, Italy 2009.
  56. Caustics and Itermittency in inertial particles velocities in turbulent flows. International Symposium on Turbulence. Beijing, China 2009.
  57. Lagrangian and Eulerian Statistics with multifractal phenomenology. Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK 2008.
  58. Contact line dynamics and mesoscale simulations: LBE. CECAM Workshop, Lausanne, Switzerland 2008.
  59. Lagrangian Structure Functions in Turbulence. International Conference on non-linear physcics, "Tata Institute" Bangalore, India  2008.
  60. Capillary Filling in micro devices. Workhsop on Microfluidics Leiden, The Netherlands   2008.
  61. Multiphase Lattice Boltzmann Equations. International School on LBE.  CNR, Rome Italy  2008.
  62. Multifractals: where do they work, where do they fail.  Worklshop IWP, Vienna Austria 2008.
  63. Lagrangian Structure Functions in Turbulence, DFD, Invited Talk Minisymposium on Lagrangian Turbulence, APS, Seattle Usa 2007.
  64.  SO(3) decomposition applied to Navier Stokes equations. Tutorial ETC XI . Porto Portugal  July 2007.
  65.  Multiphase Lattice Boltzmann Equations for microfluids. Dynamical and static properties. DSFD 2007, Bannf Canada, 2007.
  66. Anisotropy in Turbulence. "EULER250" Conference. Aussois France. 2007
  67.  Inertial Particles in Turbulent Flows. "iTi conference" Bad Zwischenhah, Germany. 2005.
  68. Complex spatio-temporal signals: the case of  turbulence. "The XIII Non-linear dynamics in Electronical system meeting" Potsdam, Germany. 2005
  69. Analysis of anisotropies in Turbulent Flows. "School on Turbulence" Potsdam, Germany. 2005.
  70. Artifacts in turbulence scaling. "Power laws and artifacts in Statistical Mechanics" Beaulieu-sur-mer, France. 2005.
  71. Multifractals in Turbulence. "WAMA school". Cargese. France. 2004.
  72. Lagrangian Turbulence form DNS. "Turbulence and Mixing", EilAt, Israel. 2004.
  73. Spatio-temporal properties of the turbulent energy cascade, "Cascade dynamics", Santa Fe, NM, USA, 2004.
  74. Turbulence: a guided tour, ``Frontier Science 2003'' Pavia, Italy,  2003.
  75. Numerical Challanges for Turbulence, ``Non-perturbative computational physics: the next five years'' Ferrara, Italy,  2003.
  76. Turbulence with small-scale forcing,``European symposium on Turbulence'' Bonn, Germany,  2003.
  77. Modern problems in fully developed turbulence, ``Winter-school'' Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK, 2003. 
  78. Isotropy and Anisotropies in Turbulence: an overview, Plenary Lecture:  ``ETC 9'' Southampton, UK,  2002.
  79. Shell Models of Turbulence: an overview,"Statistical Theories of Turbulence'' Santa Fe, USA,  2002.
  80. Anisotropic-Homogeneous Turbulence, ``European Symposium on Turbulence'' Porto, Portugal,  2001.
  81. Anisotropic Turbulence, ``V Convegno  Nazionale di Fisica Statistica'' Parma, Italy, 2000.
  82. Anisotropic Fluctuations in Turbulence, ``EGS Meeting'' Nice  France,  2000.
  83. New Ideas in Hydrodynamics, ``Aspen Institute'' Wye-Plantation, USA,  2000.
  84. Scaling in Isotropic and Anisotropic Turbulence, ``VI-eme Colloque Cosmologie'' Paris, France,  1999.
  85. The role of SO(3) Symmetry Group in Anisotropic Turbulence, ``TAO Study Center'' Palma de Maiorca, Spain,  1999.
  86. Multi-scale and Multi-time Correlation Functions in Turbulence,"Vth German-Israeli Winter School", Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel,  1999.
  87. Multi-Scale Correlation Functions and Fusion-Rules in Turbulence, ``Turbulence: Challenges for the 21st century'' in honor of R.H.~Kraichnan,  Los Alamos, USA,   1998.
  88. Generalized Scaling in Turbulence, ``Second MONTE VERITA colloquium on problematic issues  in Turbulence'', Ascona, Switzerland,  1998.
  89. GESS and ESS in Turbulence, ``Chaos and Disorder'', in honor of G.~Paladin, Rome, Italy,  1997.
  90. Turbulence: a Computational Challenge, ``APEmille Workshop'', Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy,  1997.
  91. Scaling in Turbulence and in Turbulent Models, ``INFM97'' INFM  Workshop, Cagliari, Italy,  1997.
  92. Scaling in Turbulent Flows, ``Scaling Invariance and Beyond'' Les Houches School, France,  1997.
  93. A new Scaling for Turbulent Flows, ``Workshop on Turbulence Modeling and Vortex Dynamics'',  Istanbul, Turkey,  1996.
  94. The Role of Inviscid Invariants in Shell Models of Turbulence, ``50-th Japanese Physical Society''  Tokyo, Japan, 1995.

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